The 'ROBOTIKA' Project

The "Robotika" project was born as part of the Digital Animators and Innovation Teams to meet a precise need of the students: to explore new technologies and apply them in different fields than those usually studied during school curricula. This project was a real debut for the field of exploratory robotics in the IT sector and the activities were aimed at participating in the Explorer races of Rome Cup 2018.

The guiding thread of the project has been the continuous desire to learn and develop new technologies applied to different fields, solve problems of both physical construction (finding the necessary materials for the realization of the product or directly 3D printing the piece needed) and logic (programming via computer code the behavior that the robot should have had when engaged in certain situations) through problem posing, problem solving and learning by doing procedures. These aspects, together with a positive and proactive work environment, have led to the establishment of a group ready to cooperate in any eventuality.

After the Rome Cup experience, our horizons have expanded and the enthusiasm has grown further pushing the group to undertake new adventures in the 'maker' field: hence the idea of participating in the Rome Maker Faire which is seen as an important, formative and professional experience.


The courses available at IIS G. Vallauri are characterized by innovation and attention to the territory. In each specialization the student will be able to develop skills in the fundamental areas for the economic and productive development of the country.


  • Lyceum applied sciences
  • IT sector
  • Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy specializations
  • Electrical and Electronics specializations
  • Finance Administration and Marketing specializations


In the Institute's laboratories ideas come to life and become reality. Building a go-kart inside the school has required a lot of effort, but now driving it is fantastic!

One idea leads to the other so we can not stop: an electric bike, an electric skateboard and even an electric segway! Yes, at Vallauri we believe in electricity and we are sensitive to the concept of sustainability!


- RomeCup

The competition is a really important moment because it shows qualities and faults of the work done, giving the opportunities to improve every time while trying to perfect the realized product.

- Zero Robotics

ZeroRobotics is a competition where you have to program small satellites, useful to resolve some problems identified by space agencies. The best source codes are executed in the International Space Station in collaboration with NASA and MIT.

- Problem Solving Olympics

Taking part at Olympics requires effort, but winning them gives you a lot of satisfaction! Vallauri’s team has been accepted to the Problem Solving Olympics Finals – Maker Class – with the Arduino Rubik Solver project.