RomeCup 2019

The Rome Cup 2019 was held at the Engineering department of the Roma3 University from the 2nd to the 5th of April.

Our institute has participated with a delegation of students from the Robotika project who have competed in international competitions of educational robotics. Specifically, these students have competed in the Explorer Junior and Senior competitions.

Record numbers for what concerns the participating teams: in fact there were over 90 registered teams.

Good results came from the Junior challenges where the two teams from Vallauri were engaged, showing off excellent robotic programming skills which allowed them to reach one step from the finals.

The great exploit came from the Senior challenge: this is the most challenging and complex contest that seriously tests robotic development skills, both from a software and a hardware point of view.

The robot aims to patrol a competition area (Explorer) and detect light sources, gas leaks and acoustic signals.

The qualifying heats from the 2nd to the 4th of April allowed to draw up a ranking that led the ‘Kassadiani’ team to enter the final on Friday, held in the splendid location of the Capitol.

The final round was a true masterpiece: Mr. Robot explored the playing area by detecting lights, gases and sounds and he finished the test with a standing ovation from all those present who gave our students a long and significant applause.

These performances led our team to close the Explorer Senior competition in 5th place with great satisfaction from all the students and teachers, both those present and those who did not participate physically in the trip, but who have always made the team feel support and have been a great stimulus in achieving this fantastic result.